COMPANY:U.S. Energy Group (Fresh Meadows, N.Y.), Tristate Solar Inc. (New York, N.Y.), and Quixotic Systems (New York, N.Y.)

INSTALLATION:24.85 kW photovoltaic rooftop system


CUSTOMER:The Renee Building, Fresh Meadows, N.Y.

OBJECTIVE:Solar conversion of a six-story, 120-unit co-op

DESCRIPTION:U.S. Energy Group completed the solar conversion of “The Renee” building, a six-story 120-unit co-op located at 78-40 164th Street in Fresh Meadows, N.Y. The building is also home to U.S. Energy Group’s headquarters. The building’s new solar initiative is tied to enhanced monitoring through U.S. Energy Group’s USE Manager, a web-based building management service and platform that enables real-estate management organizations to run their businesses more efficiently. The system consists of 142 solar modules of 200 watts each, at a size of 5 foot by 3 foot. The modules are made from a monocrystalline silicone technology, which has been cut, laminated, framed in aluminum, and glazed. The project has been hailed as a showcase for how solar conversion can be both affordable and commercially viable, and it is one of the first projects in Queens to implement solar in a multifamily residence.

“This project is an innovative attempt to integrate solar and advanced monitoring techniques.”
- Jerry Pindus, founder and CEO of U.S. Energy Group

Publication date:10/04/2010