COMPANY:Honeywell International, Morris Town, N.J.

INSTALLATION:SolarWall® Air Heating System

COMPLETION:End of 2009

CUSTOMER:Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Markham, Ontario, Canada

OBJECTIVE:Reduce footprint and save money with traditional facility upgrades and innovative conservation methods.

DESCRIPTION:Honeywell is working on a $2-million energy saving and facility renewal program with Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Markham, Ontario. The challenge is to address deferred maintenance and save approximately $163,000 in utility costs per year. One of the focal points of the program is the largest SolarWall installation at a North American health care facility. At a combined 10,000 square feet, three SolarWall systems will function as a carbon-neutral heating source. Composed of perforated metal attached to the hospital’s exterior, the SolarWall technology heats fresh air during winter months and then feeds the warmer air into the ventilation system. This will reduce the load on the hospital’s air-handling units by almost 10 percent, offsetting 50,000 cubic meters of gas each year. In the summer months, the wall acts as a shield against the sun, helping to reduce cooling loads.

“Through an energy saving and facility renewal program, the hospital is evolving to a more energy conscious facility for patients, staff, visitors and the community of Cambridge.”
- Luis Rodrigues, vice president of Energy Solutions for Honeywell Building Solutions

Publication date:06/22/2009