The XB300 air conditioner provides power and performance in a new compact design. The a/c unit is smaller and lighter and can be transported easily in a van or pickup truck. According to the company, installation can be a one-person job. The Climatuff® compressor is the same compressor found in the other air conditioners by the manufacturer, which ensures a reliable, long-lasting, and high-efficiency unit. The Climatuff™ coil has an all-aluminum construction, which resists corrosion from the elements. The elimination of copper tubes also prevents bimetallic corrosion that can reduce the life of the coil. The Manual Charge Assist™ helps to ensure the correct system charge every time. The a/c unit is protected by the company’s registered limited warranty, which includes 10 years on the compressor and coil, and five years on all other parts.

Trane, Tyler, TX;

eProduct 185