THREE RIVERS, Mich. - Cleaver-Brooks and Armstrong International have joined together to offer customers expanded training in steam generation and system optimization and efficiency.

According to the companies, the unifying belief driving their collaboration is that knowledge can be used to increase energy efficiency, while improving reliability, safety, and the environment.

“With an eye on the customer, and his/her needs, the mission of the Armstrong/Cleaver-Brooks training alliance is to develop and present educational programs which are topical, meaningful, and easily understood so that relevant solutions can be readily applied for the betterment of the recipient and their business,” said David Casterline, corporate director of communications at Armstrong International.

Armstrong International is a multinational company that helps customers improve their utility performance, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental emissions. Cleaver-Brooks is a manufacturer of boilers, boiler room accessories, and related controls for industrial and commercial use.

“In the final analysis, combining a multitude of professional training experience between Armstrong International and Cleaver-Brooks seemed only natural in satisfying the ongoing effort to better service our common customers and clients who were searching for a holistic solution - rather than a patch-quilt approach adding to the misinterpretation and confusion,” explained Steve Connor, director of marketing services at Cleaver-Brooks.

Publication date:06/07/2010