The PureTemp for HVAC allows HVAC systems to capture and reuse waste energy, creating greener, more efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling systems. A vegetable oil derivative, PureTemp is a phase change material (PCM) that captures wasted ambient energy, and then releases this energy as necessary to hold specific temperatures for extended periods of time without requiring additional energy. PureTemp for HVAC is a 100 percent renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly material designed to work with HVAC systems. The material retains its peak performance through more than 60,000 thermal cycles. Its phase change temperature range is anywhere between -40° and 160°F. The material can be used as an energy storage/transfer medium (packs of PureTemp for HVAC formulated for a specific temperature placed in a tank or built into a heat exchanger to capture waste energy) or as an insulation material (attached to ductwork or insulating hydronic heating equipment, such as a water heater or boiler tank).

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