FARMINGDALE, N.Y. - Cemtrex Inc. announced that Xcel Energy of Colorado will give a 20 percent rebate to customers who install Cemtrex’s Green DCV equipment as part of an energy management system in their buildings.

“Our Green DCV system provides over 40 percent cost savings in the electric bill, and now with this additional 20 percent rebate, the payback period is substantially reduced,” said Arun Govil, CEO and president of Cemtrex. “We are working with several utilities nationwide to set up a similar rebate program which would create additional incentives for increased sales of our Green DCV equipment in commercial buildings.”

According to the company, its Green DCV system uses carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors to monitor CO2 levels inside a building and then regulate the air-handling system to save energy and improve indoor air quality. Cemtrex says the Green DCV system can provide up to 40 percent energy savings in buildings where occupancy fluctuates during a 24-hour period, such as office buildings, government facilities, shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and schools.

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Publication date:01/18/2010