LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Alan Givens, Parrish Service Inc.; Tom Huntington, WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Inc.; Mike Lamach, Ingersoll Rand; Charlie McCrudden, ACCA; and Peter Schaufler, Bitzer SE.

Managing changes in the HVACR industry is comparable to running a marathon. In 2009, wind sprints and mad dashes toward success weren’t highly rewarded. It was the faithful endurance of those committed to long-term success that triumphed in the midst of countless difficulties. Compensating for a construction bubble pop, a new president, recovery legislation, a renewed sustainability focus, a recession, and widespread speculation about climate change and health care laws to come,The NEWS’Top Newsmakers of 2009 proved to be champions of endurance.

Establishing a “will do” attitude in their circles of influence, these game changers brought new life to the company’s they work for and the people they serve.

Tough decisions were made and sacrifices have resulted, but each individual highlighted led his team to new heights in 2009 and continues to stretch for the hope of a more profitable 2010.

This issue includes stories about:

• Alan Givens, CEO of Parrish Service Inc. - “Givens Sails Company Through Choppy Waters”

• Tom Huntington, president and CEO for WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Inc. - “New Job, High Profile Visitor”

• Mike Lamach, president and COO of Ingersoll Rand - “Ingersoll Rand and Trane Mesh”

• Charlie McCrudden, vice president of government affairs, Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) - “Watchman Mans Post”

• Peter Schaufler, CEO of Bitzer SE - “Bitzer’s Schaufler Expands Into U.S.”

Publication date:12/21/2009