The EXL-1610 BACnet heating and cooling thermostat can be used to operate rooftop units, fan coil units, furnaces, exhaust fans, reheat coils, and other HVAC applications. It supports modulating or two-stage outputs and multiple-speed fan control. The thermostat can be installed for stand-alone control and can also communicate with any BACnet system via standard BACnet objects. Relay isolation allows for independent power supply on controlled equipment and the built-in anti-cycle timer protects the controlled equipment. The intuitive layout easily allows the user to adjust space temperature (with adjustable internal limits), place into an occupied override mode for a desired period of time, or access many other features. Options include a CO2 sensor input to limit fresh-air intake based upon occupancy; a return air sensor input for ease of troubleshooting; a remote sensor input, which allows the controller to be remotely installed in a secure area; and a time clock input option to allow for occupancy scheduling.

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