The xTablet T7000 is a small, lightweight, rugged Tablet PC. It combines the functionality of a notebook, full Windows OS of a tablet, and the portability and data collection capabilities of a handheld. The tablet PC has a built-in numeric keypad, optional QWERTY keyboard attachment, and 7-inch high resolution (1024 x 600 and 768) all-light-readable touch screen display. Customers can run full versions of their business applications, eliminating the need to create and support “light” versions. The tablet PC runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Mobile workers can capture both data and images with the xTablet T7000’s suite of options and accessories. An integrated bar code scanner and radio-frequency identification reader offer mobile workers greater capabilities and let them collect and access richer information to ensure better business decisions. With the optional magnetic stripe credit card reader, workers can collect payment right at the point of customer interaction. The integrated 2-megapixel color camera lets mobile workers capture images, enhancing customer service and accelerating decisions.

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