The Cranky portable winch system easily and safely hauls motors, compressors, or other items to a roof. It slips on and off the permanent post, Port-A-Post (used with roof hatch/vertical ladders), or truck/van mount. The winch system lifts items from a vehicle to a roof without the expense of a crane. It has a lift capacity of 300 pounds. At 29 pounds and with a turning handle and stainless steel boom telescope that retracts, it is easily transportable. It is equipped with a hand brake and back pulley for use with Port-A-Post. A lifting chain with S hooks is included. Features include a crank ratio of 4.4:1 and a cable length of 50 feet.

Ladderport, 7081 Dan McGuire Dr., Brighton, MI 48116, 800-770-8851;

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