The chemical formulation and delivery system can be programmed to sanitize the air continuously or during specific times of day throughout HVAC ducts and occupied enclosed spaces. It can be used in applications such as medical facilities, schools, health clubs, hotels, bars, and gaming facilities. Available in odorless or scented versions, the air-sanitizing agent, ARIA™, is invisible, leaving no surface deposits. It works in tandem with the manufacturer’s family of Air/Q ambient-scenting and odor-control systems. The computer-controlled Air/Q system works by converting the ARIA formulation into nontoxic microdroplets less than 1/100 the diameter of a human hair to instantly create a sanitizing vapor throughout the enclosed space. ARIA is packaged in tamperproof, recyclable cartridges that are easily inserted into the installed Air/Q appliance, and changed periodically by the user in the home or office, or by the company’s service technicians in large commercial facilities.

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