The EnviroFlo™ brand is a consolidation of the company’s hydronic pumping solutions for the HVAC industry. Pumps in the line include the horizontal split case, end suction, and vertical in-line pumps. The horizontal split case pumps are designed to deliver energy-efficient flows to 6,000 gallons per minute (gpm) with heads to 160 feet total dynamic head (tdh). The distance between inboard and outboard bearings has been shortened on the pump to reduce the cantilever effect on the pump shaft and cut deflection at the seal faces, resulting in long seal and case ring service intervals. The end suction pumps are available in flows to 2,500 gpm and heads to 400 feet tdh and are available in frame-mounted and close-coupled configurations. The vertical in-line pumps flow to 10,000 gpm with heads to 400 feet tdh and are available in split-coupled and close-coupled configurations. All three pumps have a case working pressure of 175 psi, with 250 psi available on select models. Other EnviroFlo products include engineered products and accessories.

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