COMPANY:C&S Building Services, Farmingdale, N.Y.

INSTALLATION:Delta Cooling Towers - 250-ton Premier and 70-ton Paragon


CUSTOMER:The Statue of Liberty and The Liberty Island Museum

OBJECTIVE:Install corrosion proof cooling towers as a maintenance free solution for a wet, salty environment, while controlling installation costs.

DESCRIPTION:John Culkin, president of C&S Building Services in Farmingdale, N.Y., led a team of five HVAC technicians to Liberty Island to install two new cooling towers that provided a solution to the wet, salty conditions surrounding the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Island Museum.

“Even the stainless steel towers they had out there couldn’t survive the elements,” said Culkin. “All the fittings and nuts and bolts had rotted out.”

Beyond the corrosive conditions, the contractor was challenged with ferry costs for the equipment and the riggings necessary for installation. The team installed a 250-ton Premier tower to cool the museum at Liberty Island. A smaller 70-ton Paragon tower was chosen to cool the interior space of the Statue of Liberty. The service technicians also performed a controls upgrade of the HVAC system, and replaced pumps, disconnect switches, and all the steel piping outside the statue.

“… the plastic towers don’t weigh as much as stainless steel, you don’t need big rigging. By choosing Delta we greatly reduced those costs.”
- John Culkin, president of C&S Building Services

Publication date:02/09/2009