Designed for efficiency ratings up to 66 percent higher than U.S. government standards, the Strategos™ rooftop unit line from Lennox gives businesses an unprecedented level of control over their energy use to reduce operational costs and create successful strategies for sustainable design said the company.The units were developed to improve the efficiency of a wide range of light commercial buildings with an design that helps significantly reduce yearly energy usage. With efficiency ratings up to 16.1 SEER, 14.3 EER, and 16.4 IPLV, Strategos units are rated dramatically higher than the most stringent requirements set by the U.S. DOE and ASHRAE. Strategos units also feature the MSAV™ (multi-stage air volume) supply fan. With up to seven levels of airflow, this option helps maximize energy conservation while still meeting comfort requirements. Preset and tested at the factory for quick and easy start-up, the units also minimize installation and service costs. Airflow settings on MSAV units can be modified in the field to match an application’s specific needs. Each features the Integrated Modular Controller, which provides over 200 control parameters that can be customized and more than 100 simple-to-read diagnostic codes to help simplify troubleshooting and reduce maintenance expenses.

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