CHICAGO - Manufacturers introduced plenty of new tools, tapes, and gadgets at the 2009 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).Lenox(, for one, used the show to introduce seven new products, in addition to promoting its Extra Mile Heroes Program. New products introduced by Lenox include:

• Diamond™ Hole Saw, specifically designed for cutting tile, stone, and glass. The diamond edge is designed to extend the life of the blade, which allows it to make more holes before replacement, said the manufacturer.

• Plastic Tubing Cutter, designed for use on up to 1-inch soft plastic tubing like PEX, PE, PB, and flexible hose. The patent-pending blade on the cutter is made with serrated stainless steel “that requires 25 percent less cutting force than other cutters on the market,” the company said.

• T2 Technology reciprocating saw blades, designed “to deliver up to 100 percent longer blade life and 25 percent faster performance in metal cutting applications versus the prior generation of Lenox reciprocating saw blades,” it said. The new technology is applied to its entire range of metal-cutting reciprocating saw blades, including the Gold™, Lazer™, and Bi-Metal.


Adrian Steel( showed its next generation of cargo management solutions, the ADseries. This shelving is designed for placement inside service trucks. The product features adjustable shelves, an adaptable rail system, heavy-duty shelves, and an advanced stamped steel end panel “designed to accommodate a diverse range of cargo for the job,” said the company.

Ansell( added the Ansell Cut Protection Glove to its line of products specifically designed for use in professional construction applications, including HVAC.

The glove is constructed with Intercept Technology® Stretch Armor Yarn, developed jointly by Ansell and DuPont. The company said it combines the comfort of Ansell fiber technology with the maximum strength and durability of Kevlar® and steel. In addition, the glove is designed to “ensure high comfort and dexterity, to promote all-day, all-application wear,” said the company.

Bessey Tools North America( announced its new strap cutter, the D123S-SB. It has a strap-holding element designed to firmly hold strap down while it cuts, preventing strap from springing up. The company said with compound leverage “you can cut with just one hand and improve productivity while reducing hand fatigue.” The handle was designed to provide comfort and keep the hand from slipping, the company added.

Cliplight Manufacturing Co.( introduced Ultra Pack, which contains a 3-ounce can of both Dry-R™ and its Super Seal HVACR™ air conditioning and refrigeration system leak sealant. The company said Dry-R is designed to chemically change H2O to a low viscosity, non-oily, highly soluble and residue-free liquid “that flows freely throughout the system without chemically attaching to commonly found system contaminants.” Super Seal is engineered to seal undetectable or inaccessible microleaks in condensers, evaporators, and line sets from the inside out.

Ductmate Industries( presented its RepeaterPro, a lightweight pneumatic fastener designed to fasten slide-on flange to ductwork. It is able to drive fasteners through a variety of specialty metals, said the company.

Mike Pollack, OEM manager, discusses some of the features of the portable Powermax 45, a new plasma arc metal cutting system from Hypertherm, designed to cut 1/2-inch thick metal and sever metal more than one-inch thick.

Hypertherm Inc.( showcased its new Powermax 45 plasma arc metal cutting system. It is portable, weighs 37 pounds, and is among the smallest systems in its class, said the company. It is designed to cut 1/2-inch thick metal and sever metal more than an inch thick.

“The single-gas or nitrogen system is proving extremely popular among people who cut or gouge metal - HVAC professionals included - because it delivers the features and benefits customers want,” said product manager Reese Madden. “Benefits like ease-of-use, excellent cut quality, and long consumable life work to keep productivity high and operating costs low.”

Klenk Tools(, a division of Everhard Products, introduced its improved aviation snips, designed to provide a better cut. The company said the tool has stronger blades, shorter handles for better control, and is more comfortable than its previous version.

Link-tech Metal Products Co.( introduced its new stainless steel clamp tool, BJ0010C. It has a ratchet function and can be used for 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch steel. The company said it conforms to ASTM F2098 specifications.

Reed Manufacturing Company( introduced its 5301PD power drive, which works for up to 2-inch pipe and conduit. It rotates pipe for cutting, threading, and reaming operations. The company said it is compatible for power roll grooving. Also new is its RGCombo2 2-in-1 roll groover, designed for use with the 5301PD power drive.


Shurtape Technologies( featured its PF 220 protective film tape, designed to seal spiral and rectangular galvanized ductwork for clean room installation, including duct storage and transportation. It is designed to protect ducts from contamination.

Spectronics Corp.( introduced the OPK-50GS/E, a kit designed to help techs find air conditioning leaks, “even those in cramped areas that are inaccessible to larger lamps,” said the company. The kit features the Optimax Jr., a compact, blue LED flashlight, capable of revealing the smallest leaks, it said. Also included are four Glo-Stick® universal/POE a/c dye capsules, an 8-oz. spray bottle of Glo-Away dye cleaner, and florescence-enhancing glasses.

Stanley Virax( showcased two professional-grade pressing machines, the M20+ and the P20+. The M20+ is a compact pistol grip pressing machine the size of a cordless drill. It is designed to crimp half-inch to one-inch copper and 3/8-inch to one-inch PEX tubing.

It features a master jaw configuration with interchangeable inserts, designed to accommodate various tube sizes, said the company. The P20+, also a pistol grip pressing tool, provides a copper crimping capacity of half an inch to two inches. It features a 360-degree rotating head.

Trumpf( introduced its newest power tool, the TruTool PN 130. The company said the profile nibbler has the ability to cut through corrugated metal in a variety of depths and shapes. Key features include a working speed of 10 feet per minute, “allowing users to cut sheets in a short amount of time.”

Universal Hinge Corp.( showcased its Bolt-on Hinge, designed to open large heat exchanger covers and/or chiller condenser bonnets. The easy-to-install hinge, which does not require welding, is designed “to eliminate the effort, time, and expenses of rigging,” said Ed DePietro, president and CEO. “You could open and close covers with this hinge as simply as one opens and closes doors.” It is available in models suitable for 16-inch to 60-inch diameter covers or bonnets in three series: 350, 700 and 1400.

Vent-A-Kiln Corp.( displayed its Place-A-Vent Portable Fume Extractor (PFE), which utilizes a high-pressure fan unit, fabricated with a 14-gauge steel housing and a self-cleaning cast aluminum wheel. The PTE-350 Model is utilized for general welding. The PFE-750 is utilized for welding applications that produce excessive smoke. The company said all the user needs to do is plug in the portable unit and direct the discharge hose to the desired location.

Venture Tape Corp.( introduced its 1577CW cooler repair tape, a patented, zero permeability, 5-ply, self-adhesive material “that installs quickly and easily with no special tools required,” said the company. The repair tape is designed to be an “easy and effective solution to unsightly seams in coolers and freezers.” It can be applied in cold temperatures and is mold resistant, the company added.

Publication date:02/16/2009