Reymsa Cooling Towers Inc. displayed its new low-sound all-fiberglass cooling towers.

CHICAGO - Cooling towers always make for an imposing display, as they are so much larger than most other pieces of HVAC equipment. That was the case at the 2009 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), where impressive exhibits of cooling towers, as well as other types of evaporative technologies, were proudly showcased by a variety of manufacturers.

Baltimore Aircoil Co.( introduced its combined drive enclosure, which offers a single point electrical connection solution. The enclosure incorporates Baltimore Aircoil’s variable-frequency drive into the control package, allowing preprogrammed sequencing of all tower components through the new Baltilogic Sequencing software. The company also highlighted its new IBC-compliant cooling tower, which provides cost-effective, energy-efficient cooling in a compact footprint with capacity ranging from 100 to 1,300 tons. The product can be used anywhere in the world, regardless of local wind and/or seismic requirements.

Jaeggi/Guentner Ltd.( displayed its new hybrid dry cooler, which combines the advantages of evaporative cooling with the benefits of dry cooling, making it ideal for any cooling tower installation or retrofit. The Swiss-engineered hybrid dry cooler features optimally designed fan blades, inverter-driven fan motors, reliable nozzle-free operation, and easy maintenance. The intelligent control system delivers sustainable water and energy savings, allowing up to 80 percent less water usage than a traditional cooling tower.

Marley( featured its new MD counterflow-cooling tower, which takes up less site space and may have a lower installed weight. The tower’s tight louvers prevent sunlight from hitting the collection basin, reducing algae growth, and easy access is offered from all tower sides. The wet surface is totally enclosed, and the tower provides a corrosion-resistant spray system. The MD also conserves water by keeping splash-out to a minimum.

The company also displayed its new NC crossflow package-cooling tower, which features a lower height and improved efficiency and capacity. Its System 5 Geareducer requires no oil changes for five years, and its SofTork MD coupling absorbs excessive shock loads at start-up.

Munters( introduced its Oasis EPX indirect evaporative air conditioning system, which sensibly cools the entering outdoor air without adding moisture to the airstream. Spokesperson Jacque McIlrath said the system supplies 100 percent outdoor air to the building spaces, providing superior IAQ and comfort.

Munters’ spokesperson, Jacque McIlrath, shows off the company’s new Oasis EPX indirect evaporative air conditioning system.

Combined with optional DX or chilled water supplemental cooling, the Oasis EPX provides the ideal air-handling unit for dry climates. The company also featured its new evaporative pre-cooler condenser (EPCC), which increases the cooling efficiency of a condenser system while lowering energy consumption. The EPCC fits onto conventional single-, double-stage condensers, and rooftop units and precools the air entering the condenser system.

Protec Cooling Towers( highlighted its new FRS Series crossflow cooling towers, which are designed to serve commercial, institutional, and industrial loads. The FRS Series features single-, double-, and multi-cell configurations, and the heavy-duty cooling tower is designed of non-corrosive materials. All major components of the series, including motors, axial fans, fan drive assembly and fill/media, have been developed to ensure maximum efficiency with low energy consumption. The small footprint provides space savings, ensuring the cooling tower meets the limited space requirements of new construction projects as well as the strict space requirements of replacement projects.

Marley’s new NC crossflow package cooling tower features a lower height and improved efficiency and capacity.

Reymsa Cooling Towers Inc.( displayed its new low-sound all-fiberglass cooling towers. Spokesman Jerome Scearcy said the tower’s unique seamless one-piece construction means there’s no risk of water leakage. The direct drive fan motor eliminates the use of pulleys, belts, bearings, and couplings and increases reliability while greatly reducing the risk of failure, as there is only one moving part. The hot water manifold is manufactured of PVC and is tested at 100 psig to ensure reliability and prevent water leakages. An ultra-violet inhibitor gel-coat has been applied to the exterior and interior surfaces of the tower, providing superior protection against environmental conditions and aggressive chemical treatment.

Tower Tech( featured its new TTXL Series forced draft counterflow cooling tower. Its modular design enable easy interconnectability to create virtually any size cooling tower. The TTXL’s patented water collection system serves as an efficient collection chamber and conduit for channeling water flow into the tower’s Flow-Thru Basin™. Its unique shape moves inlet air into the fill media while effectively providing a leak-free barrier, protecting tower mechanicals. The variable-flow Rotary Spray Nozzle™ system delivers even fill coverage across a broad range of system flows at low pressures. The TTXL Series is factory assembled and constructed entirely of fiberglass and stainless steel hardware.

Publication date:02/16/2009