The Field Vent Riser aids the user in dealing with a power vent termination when it comes out below grade or without enough ground clearance to meet code. It effectively raises the vent termination approximately 31 inches vertically. This allows the contractor to terminate power-vented and direct-vented furnaces and boilers per code by simply digging down to the sidewall penetration and attaching the unit to the ductwork. According to the manufacturer, the vent should terminate at least 12 inches above grade and should never be installed in a window well. The riser is constructed of 100 percent 316 stainless steel to ensure it will hold up to the elements. A pre-drilled flange makes it easy to attach the Vent Riser to the structure. Two models are available: one with a Field Direct™ termination for direct vent oil-fired appliances, the other with a ComboVent™ motorized termination for use when power venting is required. Both are double-walled to accommodate combustion air intake (oil appliances only) as well as combustion gas exhaust.

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