For replacing large decommissioned or aging energy recovery ventilation wheels, the FA Series field-assembled cassettes dramatically reduce installation times and costs, said the company. Cassettes (wheels and frames) are factory-built, tested, marked for reassembly, and then disassembled for shipment. Onsite assembly and installation are fast and easy, typically taking one day, said the company. The wheels recycle up to 80 percent of heating and cooling energy contained in exhaust air. Each cassette is precision-cut into sections (typically halves or quarters) for delivery through standard doorways and rapid onsite assembly under the supervision of one of the manufacturer’s technicians. Both wheel and frame materials are corrosion resistant, even in coastal environments, and every assembly carries a five-year warranty. The energy recovery wheel is designed with lightweight, durable segments that can be easily removed for cleaning on or off the site. According to the company, in less than 30 minutes, one person can replace all segments with new or previously cleaned spares and return the wheel to service.

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