I need a good 12-step program. No, I am not addicted to granddad’s cough syrup, but rather the online social networking site called Facebook.

On this site, users can add friends, send them messages, as well as write up a personal profile and notify friends what they are doing at a specific time. The wife of a friend invited me into this world about a month ago, and now I am hooked.

I check it about twice a day in a behavior that can be best described as one of a 12-year-old girl. I am up to 64 friends in what is strangely now becoming a competition.

On Facebook, you can also join specific groups by becoming a fan. I have joined such groups as The Office, Artie Lange, and the Black Crowes.

In addition, this morning I officially became a fan of air conditioning. I now have 752 additional friends with a common bond being our love of air conditioning.

While a percentage of these people seem to enjoy the pun of becoming a “fan” of air conditioning, the message board is jammed with others who praise this fine product.

Comments like, “I just moved into my dorm room that has none of you. I miss you SOOO much” and “I can’t sleep without you, baby” have been fun to read.

So come join me on www.facebook.com and proclaim your love for air conditioning. We can do better than 752. I mean, Michael Bolton has 2,179 fans, for goodness sake. We can do better than that.