Time Magazine’sJoe Klein recently wrote a column titled “Kill Your Air Conditioner.” If you want to read this left-wing idiot’s rantings go ahead and visit www.time.com and search Klein. But basically, he writes that “The unnecessary refrigeration of America has become a chronic disease” and that air conditioning is “bad for the planet.”

Klein confesses that he “loves warm weather, even when it slouches to humidity.” He also bemoans the fact that the a/c was running at a recent inn he stayed at in New England.

To quote Livia Soprano, “Well, poor you!”

The first thought that entered my mind was it is easy to lob verbal shots from up in New England. How about you hang out down in Florida during mid-August and then talk to me about not using air conditioning? Maybe we should cut off the a/c atTime Magazine’shome office and see how good company morale tracks.

I thought the liberal agenda was “If it feels good, do it.” I guess that does not stretch to include temperature. This is what is wrong with liberalism - they find something they can live without and then they begin to scream that everyone else should live without it also.

Well, they can have my air conditioning when they pry it from my comfortable, cooled, sweat-free hands.

And I know, global warming is going to fry us like eggs… blah, blah, blah. However, that is where Klein loses his point. He states that air conditioning represents only 4 percent of our energy use. Well, then how about attacking cars, planes, and the other 96 percent. He even stated that while air conditioning is bad for the planet “unfortunately, it is not as bad as I’d like it to be.” That last sentence is simply mind blowing.

Talk about no respect for the HVAC industry that brings comfort and health to millions. Hey, maybe we should ban ice cubes?