COLLEGE POINT, N.Y. - ComStar International announced that its refrigerant HFC/HC-424A (marketed by the company as RS-44) has been retrofitted into 25- to 30-ton split systems used for process cooling at a manufacturing facility in Connecticut. The 12-year-old systems had been manufactured for use with HCFC-22.

According to ComStar, “The systems at the Pratt and Whitney facility had reciprocating compressors manufactured by Carlyle, a subsidiary of Carrier. The conversion went smoothly according to Carrier Commercial’s service supervisor for this job. He called the conversion quick, easy, and without complications before, during, or after.”

The refrigerant is a blend of HFC-125, HFC-134a, n-butane, isobutene, and isopentane; it is said not to require an oil change when being retrofitted into a system originally designed for R-22.

Publication date:03/03/2008