The WP-150 and WP-200 hand-held air-cooled TIG torches are designed for welding operators who encounter multiple joint configurations or joints with limited access. These torches have a modular design with easily configurable head options that help improve flexibility and provide better welding performance, even in hard-to-reach areas. When welding operators encounter a new joint, they can change to the desired head option, instead of connecting a new torch. Both torches feature a flexible neck that can be adjusted to reach most any angle. The AK-150 modular flex kit allows welding operators to convert this torch into 20 configurations. The WP-150 torches are rated at 150 adc or 105 aac at 60 percent duty cycle. The WP-200 torches are rated at 200 adc and 150 aac, also at 60 percent duty cycle. Both torches are available with an optional gas valve (WP-150V, WP-200V) for greater shielding gas flow control. The WP-150 is also available in a version (WP-150G) that features a 24-90 (90 degree) head to improve maneuverability on the most complex joints.

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