MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. - In response to the expanding green movement, HVAC Excellence is now offering the Green Awareness Certification program.

This program, one of over 30 certifications offered, includes green awareness exams consisting of green concepts, systems, terminology, and products. It also covers how mechanical technicians interact with green systems, and it has been approved by the United Association (UA) and the Green Mechanical Council.

With new certifications and products flooding the market, a scramble to refine the definition of green is also occurring.

According to HVAC Excellence, specification, application, and use of products that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they are responsible for producing are considered to be green.

“Green buildings incorporate a green infrastructure, which is made up of plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems that have green components or produce green results,” said the accreditation body. “Several considerations are given to green buildings, such as the site selection; quality and conservation of water; systems, materials, and resources; energy efficiency; and indoor environmental quality.”

According to Erik Rasmussen, international program manager for the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association (COSA), green is more than products and efficiency.

“Energy efficiency is not simply purchasing a new high SEER system, it is about proper installation to manufacturers’ specifications,” said Rasmussen. “A quality installation will save energy and money.”

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Publication date:11/19/2007