I am sure that all contractors have dealt with their fair share of problem customers. You know, the ones where your work is never good enough despite the fact you have delivered top quality product and service.

According to www.thesmokinggun.com. Aretha Franklin is picky about her HVAC. The Website was able to get its hands on the Queen of Soul’s performance contract, which included the paragraph below.

“All air conditioning vents must be turned off or taped shut, to prevent any cold air from flowing into Aretha Franklin’s dressing room. In addition, all vents from Ms. Franklin’s dressing room, backstage area and stage, and in the venue; must be turned off at least one hour prior to Ms. Franklin’s scheduled rehearsal and performance times.”

Evidently, Franklin does not want the Twinkies in her dressing room to get too cold. I could not decide which of the photos below was a picture of Aretha so I decided to post both.