CHICAGO -, a Web-based membership company that focuses on sales training and generating revenue for service contractors, announced that it has reached 200 memberships as of December 2006.

“We are proud that our success is validated by our members who have obviously voted by joining and remaining part of our continued and growing success story,” said Joe Crisara, CEO of the company.

“This site has the ring of truth to it that salespeople, service techs, and contractors can hear through their finely tuned BS filter,” said Rick Picard, one of the members, a salesperson from Rhode Island who sells over $4 million a year. “This material brings a new voice in how to present repairs and installations to the consumer in a way that makes them feel as though they are in charge.”

“HVAC techs and salespeople, plumbers, and electricians are getting quantum leap results in terms of the sales and profit revenue they produce in less time, which is why it is becoming so popular.”

The Website features a selling process that does not make a contracting professional look like a salesperson, according to Crisara. He said that using their “outside the box” approach, customers actually sell themselves.

The Website features a visual flat rate system, recorded audio teleseminars, sales coaching audios, articles from industry leaders, grass roots marketing, dispatch, customer service scripts, and business management tools available 24/7 to its members at three different levels.

“This Website has so much good information to help me run my business I feel like I hit the jackpot,” said Dan McMahan, a member from Tifton, N.C. “I consider myself pretty good at marketing and sales but after using some of the stuff on, I realized that even an old dog like me can learn new tricks.”

Publication date:01/15/2007