TheCarbon Monoxide Newsis a new addition to the Bacharach Web site at The online publication is designed to make people more aware of carbon monoxide (CO) and how to protect themselves from the dangers of CO.

Bacharach Institute of Technical Training has been conducting CO & Combustion Safety seminars around North America. Using the motto "If you don't test, you don't know!", the Bacharach instructors have been challenging HVACR service providers to give their customers verifiable measurement and documentation. This includes verification that the heating, cooling, and air handling equipment is operating to manufacturer specifications and is not adversely affecting indoor air quality or instigating a foreseeable hazardous condition.

The Bacharach home page at links to registration forms and flyers for Bacharach Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Analysis Technician Certifications scheduled throughout North America. According to the company, a number of technical schools have expressed interest and are actively pursuing CO safety as an addition to their curriculum.

Additionally, Bacharach has provided the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association (COSA) with technical handouts, briefs, articles, and photos to supply educational material for its network of safety activities and instruction.

Publication date: 03/07/2005