WASHINGTON - The world's major fuel cell organizations have signed an agreement that will initiate collaboration on information sharing, education, regulation, and technical exchange. The U.S. Fuel Cell Council, Fuel Cell Commercialization Conference of Japan, Fuel Cells Canada, World Fuel Cell Council, and Fuel Cell Europe collectively represent more than 300 businesses, research institutions, and others interested in fuel cells.

The agreement implements a Memorandum of Understanding committing to cooperation on significant aspects of commercialization. The agreement includes:

  • Supporting a proposal to change the regulation of air transport of methanol fuel cell cartridges, to accommodate micro-fuel cell products for cell phones and computers;

  • Exploring other avenues of cooperation and information exchange on regulatory issues;

  • Exchanging information on test protocols and for some PEM fuel cell components;

  • Organizing an exchange on education and communications; and

  • Internet-based information sharing.

    The organizations will meet at least annually to assess progress and refine their activities. The next meeting will be held in June 2004 in Tokyo. Subgroups on Codes and Standards and Demonstration Programs will hold their initial meetings at that time.

    For more information, visit the U.S. Fuel Cell Council Web site at www.usfcc.com.

    Publication date: 12/08/2003