WASHINGTON — Savings in both operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions were highlighted by Turbocor Inc. for its new oil-free centrifugal compressor at the 2003 Earth Technologies Forum held here.

The Turbocor compressor is designed to provide operating cost savings of over 30 percent for chillers and rooftop units in the 60- to 500-ton market, says the company. In January, the technology won a 2003 ASHRAE Energy Innovation Award. In March, it won a 2003 Canadian Energy Efficiency Award in the equipment category.

The compressor, which is covered by 14 international patents, integrates thermodynamic and electronic technologies with magnetic bearings to achieve IPLV efficiencies more than 30 percent better than traditional compressors in its capacity range, the company says. Its performance can be continually monitored via Web-based monitoring and diagnostics.

Other advantages of the product are that it is lightweight (265 pounds), quiet (less than 70 dBa at 1.5 meters), and uses 2 amps starting current rather than 500 amps, says the company.

Early marketers of chillers and rooftop units using the new compressor technology include AAON, Mammoth, McQuay, and RAE.

For more information, visit www.turbocor.com.

Publication date: 04/28/2003