CLEVELAND — The Lincoln Electric Company, a designer and manufacturer of arc welding products, robotic welding systems, and plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment, recently announced improvements to its public Web site The site presents a “new look and feel,” according to a company press release.

“Our goal in rebuilding the public site was to provide our customers with all the information they wanted in the shortest amount of time,” said Jim Appledorn, Lincoln Electric’s manager of e-Business. “To facilitate this, we have created a much more efficient site structure which will get visitors to their desired destination as quickly as possible.

“In addition to convenience, we wanted our Web site to be aesthetically appealing to visitors. Dramatic colors are used throughout the site in an attempt to capture the visual excitement of the welding and cutting processes. I feel we have fulfilled our objectives and those people logging on to our site will notice the difference.”

The five primary categories available on the site are:

  • Products;

  • Knowledge;

  • Customer Focus;

  • Corporate; and

  • Community.

    Publication date: 01/13/2003