PHOENIX - Dr. Chin Yang of Aerotech P&K will present a seminar titled "Assessing, Sampling, and Remediating Mold Contamination in the Residential Environment" on July 30, 2004, at the Holiday Inn, Willowbrook, Ill.

The seminar will feature several experts on indoor mold, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) perspective.

Topics include:

  • "Introduction to Biological Contaminants Indoors," Chin Yang;

  • "Building Walkthrough and Inspection," Gary Crawford, CIH, Boelter & Yates;

  • "EPA's Perspective on Mold and Microbiological Contamination in the Indoor Environment," Jack Barnett, EPA Region 5;

  • "Health Effects Associated with Mold and Remediation of Contaminated Buildings," Mike Moomey, Section Chief of Toxicology, Illinois Department of Public Health; and

  • "Commerical Remediation Case Study - An Economical Solution to Closure," John Boyter, HDC Engineers.

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    Publication date: 06/21/2004