You don’t always realize how precious your HVAC system is to your quality of life until it’s gone. We aren’t all so lucky to have reliable HVAC systems to beat the heat when extreme temperatures come about. Such was the case for 95-year-old World War II veteran Julius Hatley. Hatley recently made national news when he called the Fort Worth police department because his air conditioner stopped working. In the 90°F heat, Hatley was suffering and went on his porch to keep cool while he waited for the police. When officer William Margolis arrived, he saw that both the central air and window air conditioning units were broken. That’s when Margolis had the idea to purchase a new window unit for Hatley. When he told Home Depot employees about the situation, they donated money to help with the cause, as well. Margolis and his partner, Christopher Weir, along with their coworker Steven Rebrovich, helped install the unit. However, since the unit was installed, word spread and another HVAC company came forward offering to replace his central air for free. HVAC changes lives. You’re in the business of making peoples’ everyday lives comfortable. HVAC shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury item — it’s a necessity. These officers changed this gentleman’s life by providing him with cool air in the Texas heat. Think of all the good you do each and every day when you install or fix someone’s HVAC unit. It can change the entirety of someone’s day – or even their life. To read the article, visit