I wonder why ... the biggest job is always the one you never knew about? Think about this: How many times have you heard about a huge project that so-and-so landed, but you never even heard about it?

I guess there is a secret HVACR society in which coded messages are sent out to members who can then bid on special super-sized projects. The projects found in the Dodge Plan Rooms around the country could be the one that got away if you don’t spend a little time there each week. You better know the secret handshake to get inside that door.

If the big one that gets away isn’t coming from the formal plan rooms, then maybe it’s a negotiated project, and the only way to get one of those is to know a lot of the right kind of people.

There are probably a lot more ways to miss out on big jobs. I just wonder why the people who are landing all the big ones that nobody hears about — why aren’t they sharing all that information with their friendly competitors? I wonder.