It is summer. The season has officially begun and it’s time to get out and enjoy the weather. For some this is difficult. Global warming - or was it global cooling? - is allegedly causing some rough weather. Record breaking tornadoes and strong storms have ripped through the Midwest and the South. Wildfires are in places they don’t normally occur, flooded areas are expanding, and drought effects are creeping into some areas.

All of these extreme weather scenarios provide challenges for the HVACR contractor and their customers. In places like Tuscaloosa, Ala. and Joplin, Mo., businesses and homes need to be rebuilt. New HVACR systems will need to be installed, other units will need to be repaired, and most of the contractors will likely have to deal with the insurance company at some point in the process. Smoke damage, filter clogging, and IAQ issues should be on the top of HVACR contractors’ lists in Arizona. As for the heating and cooling units under water along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, contractors will have to wait until the water recedes before they can address those. I am thinking replacement.

The weather this year is proving to be a challenge, and contractors are battling more than hot and cold. They must be prepared to handle whatever weather challenges come their way and that preparedness could be the factor that gives them the edge in this unexpected weather war.

What weather challenge are you facing in your area? Post a comment below and tell us what is going on in your area and how you are handling it.