Henry Abbott Technical High School in Danbury, Conn., has chosen to addNo Ducks in the Attic & Other Basics of HVAC Installationby Rich Schuster to its HVAC program. Bill Clark, head of the program and former Teacher of the Year, believes that using the light hearted and easy-to-read manual will provide a good third-party perspective in teaching jobsite basics to the students.

In the book, Schuster offers a unique and refreshingly simple look at the basics that are often ignored by apprentice programs and employers. Subjects such as load calculations and duct sizing are discussed, along with how to avoid many common mistakes, with a few comical stories thrown in for good measure.

Copies of the book were donated to the school and presented to the class by the author who gave a short presentation. Instrumental in the coordination of the project was Pete Donnelly, owner of Donnelly Heating Maintenance, also in Danbury. Donnelly is a former president of the Connecticut Association of Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors (CT-PHCC) and remains a staunch advocate for the advancement of the HVAC industry.

You can find the book at www.amazon.com