Statewide smoking bans are becoming more prevalent as local and federal legislators determine that protecting workers and customers against second-hand smoke is essential for increased public safety. May 1 added the entire state of Michigan to the list of states with smoking bans in place. With one of the most comprehensive smoking bans of any state in the United States, Michigan is set to significantly reduce the number of places citizens can smoke, even in bars.

Once the smoke is gone though, the question remains, “Are the employees, and the customers of an establishment that once allowed smoking, really breathing clean air?” The smoking may have stopped, but it stands to reason that without changing the filters in the HVAC system and cleaning the ductwork, it could take quite some time to truly clear the air.

Enter HVACR contractor.

Many business experts have been suggesting that one of the ways contractors could supplement their businesses in these leaner economic times is with service and maintenance contracts. With an increasing trend of smoking bans hitting the law books, it sounds to me like a whole new customer pool could be opening up for contractors in these areas. And for those contractors in Michigan especially, this just may be the silver IAQ lining in their current economic cloud.

What do you think? Are you ready to put together a Clear the Air service package?

Let me know how it turns out.