Sometimes energy saving doesn’t require massive overhauls in HVACR equipment. It may just be the case of adjusting the temperature.

In the home, that usually means turning down the thermostat in the winter so the furnace doesn’t cycle on and off as much and it doesn’t have to work as hard to hold temperature. In the summer, the opposite applies concerning the air conditioner.

But what about an ice rink over on the refrigeration side? Out in Rockford, Ill., a couple of indoor ice rinks generally held temperatures around 18 or 19°F while in use. But late at night, when the buildings were empty, the temp has begun being set at 25° as a way to control energy costs.

A second tweak was reducing the number of light fixtures, adding eco-friendly bulbs and motion sensors.

The net savings in the two buildings is projected to be $30,000 to $40,000 per year because of those two initiatives.

What I liked about this story is that it didn’t involved massive overhauls of equipment and the introduction of a lot of new technology. One involved the turning of a dial; the other the unscrewing and screwing in of bulbs.

So I’m wondering about other ideas you might have on “simple” ways to trim costs in places that use a lot of commercial refrigeration. I’m suspecting what I just wrote about isn’t unique to just the ice rinks cited. I’m also suspecting that there may be a lot of additional ways to save energy. Let me hear from you.