They are midway into the challenge, but the 2009-2010 Freeze Yer Buns participants are taking the environmental battle to their thermostats. Started by an environmentalist blogger dubbed The Crunchy Chicken, the competition has run from Nov. 1 to April 1 since 2007. In an effort to save money and lower their carbon footprint, contestants pledge to turn their thermostats down to some amazingly low day and night temperatures - 55°F and 50° respectively. Many others commonly aim for the mid-sixties. Once they turn down the heat, the challenge is not only to survive the cold, but also to find different, environmentally and pocket friendly ways to stay warm and then blog about the whole experience.

I am all for blogging and for saving money while helping reduce carbon footprints, but I am not into freezing anything off, thank you very much. We in the HVACR industry are smarter than that. I am positive we can find ways to save money and save energy while maintaining a reasonable comfort level in the home.

So, I am proposing a new challenge to all the HVACR professionals reading this. Put your thinking cap on and find a way to save money, reduce energy, and maintain comfort in the average home. Take a minute to submit your suggestions by commenting on my blog.

I will review all entries and the winner will receive a guest blog spot onThe NEW’sWebsite and a free commemorative reprint of our Dec. 14 cover featuring Al Gore.