So just when was it that the phrase ‘global warming’ went out of vogue and ‘climate change’ became the ‘in’ term? I’m serious. We all used to say ‘global warming’ as in that great evil of which HVACR was said to be a contributor. In fact, that’s the term that begot ‘global warming potential’ as in GWP.

But more and more I hear ‘climate change’ being used. “It’s a climate change bill.” “We need to address climate change issues.”

Frankly, it sounds like a bit of a cop-out, especially given the extremely mild weather we’ve had in the Upper Midwest during the summer and I know in other parts of the country. And I haven’t a clue what the term means. After all, if it is colder or warmer from one day to the next, that’s a ‘change’ isn’t it?

In fact, when I see the phrase ‘global warming’ crop up from time to time now, I’m starting to think, “Boy, are they behind the times.”

One example is the April issue of a general circulation consumer magazine that had a short article on the supposed effects of global warming on seasonal allergies. Apparently the warmer earth causes the release of more spores and pollen in the air.

See, the magazine came out in April. That means the article was probably written months ago, when ‘global warming’ was still in vogue. But it is not now. ‘Climate change’ is the new term, whatever it means.