We throw efficiency numbers, IAQ, and best practices information around all the time. You the contractor, me the editor, we have an understanding. But what about all those “other” sources advising homeowners how to save money, be energy efficient, and improve IAQ?

Take HealthNewsDigest.com for example. This source for information offered a list of tips from Dr. Neil Schachter, past president of the American Lung Association of the City of New York, to help homeowners “breathe easier”.

This list included avoiding some common household cleaners, adding houseplants, turning up the air conditioning, changing air filters (never mentioned an electronic air cleaner), and turning off the humidifier.

I am by no means an IAQ expert, but I think it is time for the voice that homeowners are hearing ring loud and clear be the voice of the HVACR contractor. No offense Dr. Schachter.