The recent announcement of a proposed rule by the EPA that would create about a 20 percent shortfall in supplies of R-22 as early as next year is stirring up even more calls for reclaim.

So here’s the deal: I’m looking for feedback from you about your feelings on this whole reclaim issue.

• If you are a contractor, are you submitting questionable refrigerant for reclaim? How are you doing it? Going through a wholesaler? Working directly with the reclaim company? And, most importantly, how’s it working? Any problems? Is it worth it to you?

• If you are a wholesaler, how’s it going? Are you getting much refrigerant from your customers to make the process worth it to you? How is it working with your vendors who offer reclaim services?

• If you are a reclaimer, what do you think about the relationships you have with wholesalers or contractors or both? Are you getting the amount of refrigerant - especially R-22 - that you think is needed that can be reclaimed and put back into the industry pipeline to prevent shortfalls next year? If not, what needs to be done to make that happen?

I am gathering information for a story I’m doing on this topic in the spring. You are welcome to include your name and affiliation and I’d really appreciate that. But if you want to be anonymous, just indicate that.

You can e-mail me at or call me at 815-654-7270.