As I pen this blog, The Senate has passed a new plan (the previous package and an increase in the FDIC insured minimums to $250k) that also folds in the tax extenders bill that includes two important HVAC incentives: a one year (2009) extension of the $500 homeowners tax credit and a five year extension of the commercial building tax deduction. Also, the House finally went along withsomestimulus package.

This was one way to attack our current economic situation, but here is my plan.

Instead of giving $700 billion to the Wall Street community, I have two options in mind. Plan A: Give $1 million to each of the nearly 330 million citizens in the United States of America. Sure, $330 trillion is more than the proposed banking bailout, but it’s only printed money, and this would enable almost every stressed mortgage holder to pay off their entire house, with a lot left over to spend in the economy. The banks get almost all of their money back and remain solvent, and GDP continues to grow. Even the homeless people could buy a new house, or for the less industrious, to spend on drugs and alcohol. But, it’s the same result - GDP goes up. So you see, it’s the same as the government’s plan: all the money eventually comes back to the taxpayers. Only, my plan is better because we get it coming and going.

Now for Plan B that lends itself much better to an HVAC perspective, thus justifying this liberal missive in the eyes of my more conservative friends. Give $1 million to all of the approximate 997,000 people employed in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry. That is about $997 billion. True, it is a little more than the government’s original bailout plan, but I’m sure they left a few things out in their estimate; trust me, there will be cost overruns.

I am positive that Plan B is good for the HVAC industry. If this plan does pass the Senate and House, you can thank me by purchasing a subscription toThe NEWS,it will help the economy.