Does the name Joe Groh ring a bell?

He has been in our industry for several years in marketing positions with Lennox, Titus, Excelsior, and most recently with PCI Industries in Dallas.

I talked to Joe last week at Baylor Rehab Hospital, and he told me about his bicycling accident that has left him with no feeling in his arms or legs.

He was on a short bike ride near his home, made somewhat of a sharp turn, lost control, and took a real bad spill.

He knew he was in trouble when he couldn’t move and saw his arm in a position that was totally different from where he thought it would be. He knew an ambulance was on the way and that’s when he told himself, “I only have a few minutes until help arrives to feel sorry for myself because I have a big fight on my hands.”

In a few short weeks, he has arranged for a voice-activated phone in his room and is checking out computer software that allows a user to dictate in place of a keyboard.

Joe is also making plans to continue working as a consultant in the industry. It’s amazing how positive he is about life after the accident.

Life can be a bitch, but I admire Joe Groh for not letting it get the best of him.

You can contact Joe at I am sure you will get a dictated response.