Over the holidays, time permitting, I plan to sit down at my computer and explore ALL of the Websites of ALL of the candidates vying for the White House. Right now I am leaning toward voting for Hilary Clinton, but I can definitely state I am not totally convinced that she is the right person to be the next President of the United States.

Based on what I’ve seen and heard and read, Mrs. Clinton believes:

· in providing affordable and accessible health care. As a contractor, don’t you believe the health care system needs to be revamped? It is so costly to provide it for employees.
· in the United States being energy independent and addressing global warming. Sounds good to me.
· in reforming the current immigration system. It is broken. It definitely needs to be fixed – and, soon.
Of course, as we all know, talk is cheap. It’s easy to say one thing, yet do another. However, I am trying to be optimistic here. This country can change for the better, with the right person in charge. If Hilary does not have your attention, then let me know who should take over when George W. vacates his White House throne at the end of next year. Since I am not a Bush fan, I will be happy that this man will no longer be able to serve this country in the capacity he has held for the past seven years, soon to go on eight.

In my previous blog on this very same subject, I did get a few comments from a few readers, including from “Barb,” “Greg,” “Voter,” and “Arkansan”. (See a pattern here? No one wants to sign their full name … for whatever reason … well, the reasons probably are many.) But, again, no one provided a clear-cut answer. “Barb” was the lone person who actually named a candidate, but she was not necessarily voting for, nor was she pushing for, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.

Sorry, not much help.

“Arkansan” did not answer the question, either. The reader just blasted me for blasting our current president.

Come to think of it, “Voter” posted a comment just to stir the pot – but did not disclose how he/she was going to vote for next year. “Greg,” on the other hand, questioned our current president, Republicans in general, and noted that he planned to jump to the Democratic Party.

Still, even “Greg” did not say which candidate he wanted to see in the White House.

Maybe it’s too early to get a straight answer? I say it is time to begin examining the candidates, to formulate a decision. After all, Nov. 4, 2008 is less than a year away.

Is John McCain who we need in office? John Edwards? Barack Obama? Rudy Giuliani? Mitt Romney? (Do we really want a “Mitt” or a “Barack” as our leader?)

Let me know.