FALLS CHURCH, VA — At a recent meeting, leaders of the Educational Foundation of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors — National Association developed a new strategic plan that includes a progressive mission statement, solutions to some of the biggest problems p-h-c business owners face, and realistic, measurable objectives and strategies.

According to the association, a large part of the mission involves developing and delivering powerful educational opportunities for p-h-c contractors. The plans will be presented to the PHCC’s board of directors for approval in January.

“The PHCC Educational Foundation is ready to be the one-stop shop for contractor profitability,” said chairman James T. Driscoll Jr. “We have designed lean, effective strategies that are pure bottom line.”

Meeting participants discussed how to transform employees into savvy small business operators, capable of managing and growing their businesses into transferable assets.

They also discussed how to recruit Generation X and Y members to the profession and train them. “New or young employees don’t want an academic track that takes forever and doesn’t get to the point,” said immediate past chairman Larry W. Howe. “We will deliver what they need to know in the form of relevant educational programs.”

Foundation leaders said they plan to use electronic communications to maximize the amount of information available through the Internet and design distance learning programs. In addition, education and training alliances will be formed with other organizations.

The expansion of existing programs, as well as the creation of new ones, will be priorities. Leaders will also be working to expand the PHCC Educational Foundation’s financial base as well as increase contractor and industry participation in the organization.

The PHCC Educational Foundation is a partnership of industry contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers with a mission of funding, researching and developing educational materials for the p-h-c industry.

For more information, contact the PHCC, 180 S. Washington St., P.O. Box 6808, Falls Church, VA 22046; 800-533-7694,; 703-237-8100; 703-237-7442 (fax); www.phccweb.org (website).