LAS VEGAS, NV — Everycontractor Inc. has announced that it has built a new website atwww.everycontractor.comto take advantage of the opportunities in serving the Internet-related needs of the building and construction industry.

Partially due to size constraints, building and construction companies have been relatively slow in the adaptation of new technology, specifically the Internet, says the company. The building and construction industry is enormous and dominated by small to medium-sized companies and, as an industry, these companies have not been educated about the “Internet Revolution,” the company says.

The platform is designed to allow companies to establish and maintain a permanent Internet presence not only in an industry-specific location, but also within a local city. With a search engine dedicated to the building and construction industry, users can search the Internet and quickly get relevant results from over 5,000 categories in over 44,000 zip codes.

The company offers a network of branded and co-branded programming with online content and technological tools to enable the building and construction industry to establish a presence online and learn Internet fundamentals.

Publication date: 11/11/2002