WILMINGTON, Del. - DuPont has announced the introduction of Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT), a new offering for air and liquid filtration that is said to fill the performance gap between traditional nonwovens and microporous films. Comprised of continuous submicron fibers and available on a commercial scale in the form of "membrane-like" sheet structures, DuPont said that HMT delivers an optimal balance of flux/barrier performance. HMT will be the leading technology provided in a portfolio of DuPont Nonwoven technologies that will be offered through DuPont Separations Solutions (DSS), a new business initiative dedicated to developing and implementing technologies for filtration. "Growing trends ranging from stricter regulatory requirements to rising energy costs are requiring organizations in industries such as automotive, food and beverage, HVAC, and life sciences to seek new separation and filtration technologies that deliver increased levels of safety and efficiency," said Matt Trerotola, vice president and general manager - DuPont Nonwovens. "The launch of the DuPont Separations Solutions initiative and the introduction of HMT demonstrate our commitment to providing these and other industries with the technologies required to fill their diverse needs - both today and into the future. "DuPont Separations Solutions will look beyond today's nonwovens and membrane filtration media to deliver enhanced performance across a variety of air and liquid applications," Trerotola said. "Through leveraging existing technologies and developing new technologies such as HMT, DuPont will help provide cleaner and healthier environments, improve manufacturing process efficiency, and deliver better performance across a wide range of market applications. DuPont will also go beyond the traditional role of a media supplier by providing finished filters in targeted applications to best serve our market demands and customers' needs." DSS' air filtration product portfolio will include:
  • DuPont Premium Air Filtration Products for reduced energy consumption and contamination control in commercial HVAC applications.
  • DuPont BarriRFluxâ„¢ with Hybrid Membrane Technology for the health care and life sciences markets.
  • DuPont Premium Interior Air Filters for automotive applications.
  • Various composite structures aimed at a variety of applications in the transportation and industrial markets. DSS' liquid filtration product portfolio will include:
  • DuPont BarriRFlux for critically clean applications in industries such as life sciences, food and beverage, and areas where contamination prevention and process utilization are a priority. For more information, visit www.dupont.com.

    Publication date: 09/11/2006