The OH5-85DXE two-stage oil-fired furnace combines the benefits of the OH5 oil furnace with a two-stage Riello oil burner and variable-speed, electronically commutated blower motor (ECM). The two-stage burner operates at the low-fire rate most days, but on exceptionally cold days, the furnace will automatically jump to the high-fire rate, providing the extra warmth the home needs. The ECM blower motor provides infinite fan speeds, which automatically adjust for various heating and cooling modes. The ECM motor can ramp up slowly to full speed, eliminating the undesirable blast of air from a home's registers. It has a Btuh input of 85,000 (low fire) and 106,250 (high fire), a Btuh output of 74,000 (low fire) and 85,000 (high fire), and an AFUE rating of 85.6 percent (low fire) and 84.5 percent (high fire).

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