ATLANTA - The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) released a four-volume, enhanced CD-ROM, the HandbookCD+ 2002-2005. This tool provides access to the technical guidance in the ASHRAE Handbook, along with other electronic enhancements.

"The CD+ contains all handbook chapters with the latest updates in a searchable electronic format, featuring interactive and supplemental tools," said Mark Owen, ASHRAE Handbook editor. "The CD provides users with the most complete and useful HVACR reference available."

Tools on the CD-ROM include: spreadsheets demonstrating the radiant time series (RTS) method of load calculation; expanded climatic design data tables from the 2005 Handbook, Fundamentals; NAIMA 3E Plus software for calculating insulation thickness; a desiccant wheel performance estimator; video clips of kitchen hood airflows; equipment animations; interactive charts and spreadsheets; supplemental examples and text; links to organizations and data; color graphics; and links to commercial resources that allow users to source products and services related to the topic of each chapter.

The CD+ contains PDF files of chapters in all four current volumes: 2005 Fundamentals; 2004 HVAC Systems and Equipment; 2003 HVAC Applications; and 2002 Refrigeration. The chapters are searchable across all the volumes, in both the I-P and SI unit editions.

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Publication date: 10/03/2005