NORWALK, Conn. - Emcor Group Inc. announced it has provided a gift of $150,000 to the Norwalk Education Foundation (NEF) to bring the NEF Saturday Academy program to all four Norwalk middle schools. The grant will be made over three years.

The program, to be renamed "Saturdays in Action," is designed to advance students both personally and academically. Students participate in literacy, math, and technology activities with teachers, and build social and life skills with social workers. In addition, parent workshops are planned. Approximately 50 students from each school are chosen by their teachers to attend the voluntary program.

"Emcor is delighted to partner with the Norwalk Education Foundation to support its mission of providing this valuable educational program, designed to benefit local teachers, administrators and students," said Frank T. MacInnis, the company's chairman and CEO.

Publication date: 07/19/2004