Four new standalone infrared (IR) thermometers take temperature readings of registers and ambient temperatures. The two pocket thermometers are accurate to ±1.8°F (SIP2) and ± 1.5° (SIL2), while the SIG1 and SIR2 are accurate to ±4°. The SIG1 gun-style IR thermometer operates by pointing the thermometer at the target and pulling the trigger to display the surface temperature. The cone of view is 10:1. This can be used for measuring the temperature of registers and grilles, as well as ambient temperatures. The SIR2 pocket IR thermometer performs similarly to the gun-style thermometer. It has a 6:1 cone of view and a laser. When the SIP2 shirt pocket thermometer is used to measure ambient air temperature, the 1:1 cone of view enables the technician to get an average temperature of a large area. The SIL2 is a pen-type IR thermometer with an LED flashlight. It has the same sensor type as the SIP2.

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